Norwich Penguins Re-brand & Website


Norwich Penguins

Our graphic designers and developers had a lot of fun helping to re-brand and build a new website for Norwich Penguins.

Teaching Norwich how to swim for more than 80 years, the business was keen to create a new site with a fresh identity and a couple of new visual mascots. Requesting a look that reflects their appeal to young swimmers, our team focused on making the site as engaging and user-friendly as possible.

Incorporating playful animations and an intuitive structure, the new site allows users to easily view and book courses across all devices.

Cartoon penguins
A laptop showing a cartoon penguin
A selection of printscreens showing penguins on phones
A laptop showing some software

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“A big thank you to the team at Nu Image for creating the perfect website for us. Always so helpful and friendly, providing an amazing service.”

Kevin Houghton Flooring Limited

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