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Designed by creatives. Engineered for results. 

Our team are fuelled by your ambition to make your business work and at the risk of sounding mildly uncool; we are simply passionate about cutting edge web design (don’t judge us…we also have a penchant for Nutella straight from the jar).

Our in-house web developers and designers, based in Norwich, work closely together to ensure that your web design works all the way through from paper, to click. We keep a watchful eye over every element of your web design, making sure that the features your business needs can be incorporated smoothly into your unique design. Unlike most freelance designers and stand alone graphic design agencies, we begin our web builds with search friendly elements in mind, thanks to our in-studio SEO experts.

Search engine friendly websites

Rankings in Google are determined by over 130 factors. Some of those are down to how the website is built and some are down to the strength of the domain name it sits on. We are different from many other web design agencies in that we have an experienced SEO team with a proven track record, who are involved in your website build from planning to sign off, ensuring all websites are search engine friendly with a structure optimised for your main service sectors.

Mobile friendly web design

Our mobile friendly sites lead to happy customers who will stick around longer to see what you have to offer - leading to more sales or visitors. Hooray!
Isn’t it frustrating when using your mobile to view a website, that you can’t click through easily, or everything appears jumbled?
We are experts in building mobile friendly websites, using responsive design, ensuring your clients will never experience these issues when viewing your site.

E-commerce websites

E-commerce websites are your gateway to selling online. If you have a great product we have a brand new online shop waiting for you to market it from. We have plenty of experience in building E-commerce websites and making sure they are shown to their full potential, with easy to navigate features and fully integrated payment systems. Whether it's socks, cars, cakes or houses we can help you reach your market and sell products online.

Specialist web development and integrations

We lovingly craft each of our projects in-house at our design agency in Norfolk. This guarantees quality, bespoke builds that are kept under our control. None of our builds are straight off the peg, so, in addition to full web design services, we can also help with specialist web development requests. Our team of expert developers are also able to offer web development on existing sites and manage the integration of specialist feeds and API's, such as Rightmove and YachtWorld.

Web developers in Norwich

At a time when many web design companies are shipping web development abroad, we take great pride in ensuring all of our websites are coded by our own web developers in Norwich. No development is outsourced, either within the UK or overseas, and this ensures a quality and standard we are proud to put our name to, every time. With web designers that are sticklers for pixel perfection and web developers who are obsessed with loading times and security, you won't get a more comprehensive web build anywhere else. Each of our bespoke websites pass a 65 step process before we even present it to you for review.

Converting online traffic into business

In this online era, it is crucial that your website appears when potential customers are looking for your services. The websites that appear at the top of Google don't appear there by chance. Our online marketing and SEO packages bring consistent, accountable results and are the most cost effective marketing spend for most businesses. While getting to the top of search results is important, we also focus heavily on converting each click into an enquiry, with fast loading times, clear calls to action and conversion tracking.

Web Design Norwich

We’re proud to have launched responsive websites for local authorities, international corporations and local businesses. No matter the size of your business venture, we give every client the attention they deserve. Whether you require an E-commerce website for your new online shop or a website to showcase your local business, our friendly team can help.
During your first (and of course free) consultation, we will talk through your hopes and expectations for your new website, offer honest advice based on our extensive experience and provide a no obligation quotation. If you visit us at our design studio, there is also a very high chance that you will get a biscuit alongside your coffee.

To complete our ‘one stop shop’ approach we also offer copywriting services for your website, domain purchase and web hosting from our studio. Whilst we are happy to host your website on your behalf for as long as you need us too, we will never hold you to ransom. If you would prefer to take your website to be hosted elsewhere once it is built, that’s fine too, it’s yours after all.

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“My aim from day one has always been to ensure that our clients experience results that substantially surpass any marketing costs involved. Now, with advances in digital marketing and reporting, this is more tangible than ever.”

Ian Howes, Founder, Nu Image

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